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A Leadership Foundations Program for High Achievers
Are You Ready To Scale Your Impact, Influence & Income?
Experts from over 75 countries come to us every year seeking to learn step-by-step how to start and grow their online brands. 

Build your community and influence, turn your mission into a movement & create a predictable income to travel the world and live a freedom-based lifestyle.
Are You Ready To Elevate Your Career, Influence & Income?
Professionals from across the globe come to us seeking to learn step-by-step how to grow their careers and make more money while doing work that aligns with their core values. 

Live the life you desire. Do meaningful work. Achieve success beyond your wildest dreams. 
You're good at what you do and you have an idea of what you want in a career, but do you have a proven systematic method of achieving your desired position, level of influence, and income? 

If you're reading this, it's because you're part of our "inner circle" we've decided to share it with.

Either you know us personally, you've been following us, or you're a part of our Unconventional Life family.
The reason we ask this question is because most people don't have a personalized road map for their career development.  The days of career advancement based solely on working harder and being the subject matter expert are gone.  

To have a thriving career today, you much know how to articulate your unique value and build relationships all while maintaining productivity. 
Yvette Gavin, chief training officer of Yvette Gavin Consulting
We constantly get messages from people asking us to help them and teach them what we know landing high paying jobs and navigating a successful and rewarding career. 

They ask us things like:

"What do I do when I'm underpaid and undervalued by my current company?

"How can I stand out and be noticed for my work?"

"How do I ask for a salary increase? 

"How do I move up the corporate ranks without selling my soul to do it?”
We constantly get messages from people asking us to help them and teach them what we know about starting and growing an online business.

They ask us things like:

"How do I align my skills with my business?

"How do I scale my idea to create more impact as well as monetize it?"

"How do I create a sustainable income to travel the world and work remotely? 

"How do I position myself as an Influencer to attract opportunities globally?”
These messages come so often that we can't possibly respond to all of them, and if we did, it wouldn't be of any real service to each individual or ourselves.
We've been wanting to create a space in which we definitively answer all of these questions with in-depth, step-by-step instructions that anyone who wanted to learn could follow.

The truth is, we've got a ton of knowledge to share based on what we've learned about navigating a successful and rewarding career. 

You see, if you haven't noticed already...
We Don't Operate Like Many 
Leadership Coaches Do
We Don't Operate Like Most 
Entrepreneurs Do
We’re not about catch phrases that evokes short-lived emotions. We're about teaching new concepts that inspire lasting transformation.  We're showing professionals how to move from Ladder Climbing to Ladder Building.

 We've created results like:

Obtaining a 100% Satisfaction rating for our Personal Branding course at the Centers of Diseases Control (CDC). 

Achieving a Five-Star rating for our Executive Presence  webinar on the  BrightTALK Women In Business channel, and being offered our own leadership channel. 

Skyrocketing coaching client Beverly J.'s income from $70k to $172,000 after three months of career coaching.

Getting client Jasmine B. hired into her dream job as a music director at a school that aligns with her core values.

Helping client Sham E. secure an executive level position at a Fortune 500 company after a period of unemployment. 

Recurring invitations to speak internationally, nationally, and locally on leadership transformation and faith. 

Receiving training, leadership, process improvement, and inspirational honors and awards from various organizations such as the U. S. Georgia National Guard, Women In Technology (WIT), and the Governor of GA. 

And our Chief Training Offer and founder, Yvette Gavin successfully navigated her career from a newspaper reporter to an Information Technology Director to an leadership entrepreneur.  Now, she's teaching professionals across the globe the techniques she used to create the lifestyle of her dreams.  
And We've Done All Of This 
While Maintaining our Core Values 
And We've Done All Of This Effortlessly, In Flow, Without Forcing Or "Trying"
We're Here To Teach You...
How to consciously grow your career, influence, and income without compromising  your values. 

How to go from ladder climbing to ladder building 

How to increase your impact by becoming an inspirational leader even when you don't have a leadership title
How to find more than a career, but a true life's calling

We've created Career Growth Blueprint: Leadership Foundations Program for those that want to grow their careers, influence, and income in an authentic and genuine way.    
There Are People In This World Who Are Waiting For You To Step Into Your Power
There Are People In This World Who Are Waiting For You To Step Into Your Power
This Course Is Designed To Teach You How To Grow Your Career, Impact & Income In The World Just By Being You
Either you’ve felt the calling to advance your career in a different direction and use your gifts and talents to serve something bigger than yourself, and are ready to truly embody your leadership potential and make real waves in this world;

Or you’re currently feeling stuck or limited in your career, impact and income, and are looking for proven methods of growing your career.

Apply Now
Apply Now
Career Growth Blueprint: Leadership Foundations Program is an invite only community. Schedule an interview for a chance to enroll.
Career Growth Blueprint is an 8-week leadership foundations training program that teaches you how to move your career from where it is today to where you desire your career to be while being authentically you. 
Whether you're an individual contributor, a new or long-termed manager, this program will equip you with the tools you need to elevate your career and  thrive.
It is designed to provide every high achiever with the leadership skills and career best practices that drive results toward their career goals. with integrity and ease.
Our mission with Career Grown Blueprint is to empower high achieving professionals to become CEOs  of their own careers, so that they can achieve their wildest dreams and live purpose-driven lives. 
If you want to learn how to grow your career, increase your influence and income while doing professional work that aligns with your core values, then Career Growth Blueprint Leadership Foundations Program is for you. 

Our ideal registrants are:
Career Growth Blueprint  is perfect for those who are individual contributors or management-level professionals wanting to gain critical leadership skills needed to begin taking on greater responsibilities in their organizations. Our program  will help you define your goals, stimulate your thinking around achieving those goals; and then we will hold you accountable for taking action.  Through frank, confidential, and candid discussions you will gain skills and confidence to move your career forward.

From creating your personal brand to growing your network, you will learn everything you need to know to take your career to the next level.    

There will be plenty of space to ask questions, collaborate with others, and receive individual support on our weekly calls & in our private Facebook Group.
Week 1: Foundations: Your Personal Story & Experience Has Value
Identify your core natural gifts & assets, Map your Career Growth Blueprint,  Vision  Statement and Goals. Determine your unique value and how best to share it with the world.  

Week 2: Elevate Your Career with Personal Branding  
Developing an authentic professional image—your own unique “brand”—that’s truly right for you and no one else is a valuable asset in the workplace. Branding is about building a name for yourself, showcasing what sets you apart from others, and describing the added value you bring to an organization.  You will begin to enhance and develop every aspect of your “professional presence” by building a compelling personal brand that positively influences the direction of your careers   

Week 3: Powerful Communication: Getting Your Message Across 
From informal emails to pitching an idea, to a formal presentation in front of senior management, you will learn how to adapt your written and verbal communication skills across a variety of audience and media types. 

Week 4:  The Power of  First Impressions 
Specific techniques for building lasting positive impressions start with awareness and develops through intentional efforts. You will create an action plan for your intentional impression/ image. 

Week 5: Building  Social Capital: Managing Your Success
Building relationships within one's organization are as important as building relationships outside the organization. You will learn how to forge a strong relationship with managers, supervisors, and peers. 

Week 6: Management Vs. Leadership
Unique skills are required to be an effective leader and an effective manager.  We will examine the skills for each and when certain situations require one versus the other. 

Week 7: Negotiation 
Effective negotiation helps you to resolve situations where what you want conflicts with what someone else wants.  You will learn best practices for win-win negotiations, when to use win-lose negotiation, and how both can be used successfully in your career.  You will know how to ask for a pay increase or promotion and how to negotiate a new job salary. 

Week 8: Managing Conflict 
You will learn best practices for dealing with conflict with customers, subordinates, peers, and leaders within your organization. 

Meet Yvette Gavin 
I started from scratch without a college degree and built a six-figure corporate executive career. How to successfully navigate a career is something I know well and I want to illuminate the path for you to create your own powerful and fulfilling career. 
Yvette was the first woman and the first African American to hold the Information Technology (IT) Director title at a leading telecommunication company in Atlanta
Notably known for her work with the United State Government,  and her overall ability to build thriving workplaces through dynamic training programs, Yvette is an expert in growing small and large companies and navigating careers across changing landscapes which she outlines in one of her books entitled Recalibrate! Navigating The Job Market with Confidence. She has over 21 years of progressive corporate leadership experience. 

Today, Yvette  is leading a movement to teach professionals how to authentically grow their careers, impact, and income. 

Get ready as Yvette unveils her  signature approach to career building  with a systemic approach that have elevated her clients' careers at an accelerated rate.  

IG: yvette_gavin
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What's Included
8-Week Online Video Course
 This program will equip you with the tools you need to thrive. It is designed to provide every student with a strong foundation and the ability to drive results toward your career goals. 
Private Online Facebook Community
Every step of the way you will be working with other professionals  to create the most immersive learning experience possible online.
Live Weekly Q&A
Each week jump on the weekly group calls to have 1:1 support to have your questions answered and to get support and feedback from the community.
Apply Now
Apply Now
Career Growth Blueprint: Leadership Foundations Program  is an invite only community. Schedule your interview and complete the application for a chance to enroll.
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